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  • JY (7/1/8): finished working on FourTiTwo package; interfaced and documented all 4ti2 functions, except those for the statistical models. (Note: still need options for "groebner")
  • SP (7/1/8): working on the interface for Windows/cygwin
  • SP (7/2/08. 10:11am) : windows/cygwin interface working.

Added more documentation. Uploaded version 0.3 to repository. Still working on: "output" command, "groebner" options, and Tests for the package.

  • SP (7/2/08. 4pm) Documentation and tests complete. Cygwin thing broken. Mac/Linux should install properly.
  • SP (7/8/08. 1am) Cygwin interface working also; the package can be installed and loaded. Changed names to 4 methods (toricGB,markovBasis,graverBasis,circuits are now toricGroebner,toricMarkov,toricGraver, and toricCircuits) - to avoid confusion. 1 new method: toricGraverDegrees, invoking "output --degrees foo.gra" from 4ti2.

Documentation updated appropriately.

  • SP (6Oct08, 1pm) Small documentation update: toricGraverDegrees example added to show when this command will actually be useful. TO BE DONE: I'd like to see this command change, so that we can pass it the filename of foo.gra if it's already been calculated (instead of calculating again!)-- but maybe this makes no sense?




  • Additional parsing of polymake files (Polymake.m2) and output of gfan files
  • gfan, groebnerFan, render, renderStaircase, initialIdeal, universalGroebnerBasis all working
  • inw changed to initialIdeal
  • documentation of Symmetries, gfan, groebnerFan, render, renderStaircase done.


  • Review weightVector code
  • Provide cleaner examples
  • Provide more tests
  • Document Polymake.m2
  • Document Package options
  • Add tropical computations