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  • (June 29, 12:15PM) Currently working on the documentation for this project. (Sonja Petrovic and Adam Van Tuyl)
  • (June 30, 12:00PM) Added Bruns.m2 to the repository with completed documentation. Still needs tests and to be

proofread. Please note that Bruns.m2 takes a while to compile (60+ seconds) due to on example. (Sonja Petrovic and Adam Van Tuyl)

  • (July 1, 11:50AM) Added a complete version of Bruns.m2, with complete documentation and tests. Someone else

should proofread. (Sonja Petrovic and Adam Van Tuyl)

  • (Oct 8, 5PM) Added one more function: brunsIdeal, its documentation. Reorganized the code so things are easier to read and find. (SPetrovic and AVanTuyl)