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This page is dedicated to the Macaulay2 workshop at Gottingen, February 28 - March 4, 2011. Add useful information here (create your account first).

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Please add to this page, under your name, 5 things you can't believe you did not already know about M2 and wish you had. If someone else "takes yours" mention this as it will let us know that one is extra useful.

Area Hikes/Runs Etc. Göttingen2011

Here is a 19 mile run that looks like fun: X13 Student path. We could do the whole thing and take the train back. -- Dan Grayson

A popular (much shorter) trail is on the old city wall (only a pile of dirt now) around the city center. city wall-trail -- Hans-Christian v. Bothmer

And here is a link to more running courses: runmap.net.

Here is an exercise club: Fitness First.

Our suggestion is to walk to the ruin of the castle Plesse. One can have drinks and cake there & take the bus back. (or walk again). On the map to the right (click to enlarge) one would go to the castle on the east (right) trail and come back in the west (left). -- Hans-Christian v. Bothmer

The mathematics soccer team practices Tuesdays at 7:30 pm and Thursdays 8 pm. Everybody who is interested is welcome to join. Please ask Stefan Wiedmann.

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