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This page is dedicated to the Macaulay2 workshop at MSRI, June 6 - June 17, 2011. Add useful information here (create your account first).

Here is a link to the workshop schedule.

Group Projects

Group Project Form

Group Write-Ups

Daily Exercises

5 things I'm glad I learned SGW2011

On this page place ideas/information you found particularly helpful. This helps us know what to share next time and is a good resource for those learning the program who could not join us for this workshop.

Things I wish Macaulay2 could do SGW2011

You may find that there are things you wish Macaulay2 could do that it can't yet, or you don't know about yet, or can't figure out. This is a good place to share that and we'll try to either let you know how to do it, or consider it for future development.

Bugs SGW2011

You may find a bug while at the workshop. Share that with us here.

References and files from Irena and Amelia

The participants

Group Photo(unofficial): click to enlarge.
Low: Federico, Danika, Soumya, Danerman, Dennis, Thomas, Jinghao, (Andrew) Critch, Aline, Sema, Christine, Zheng, Courtney, Franklin (even lower), Sumi, Juliane, Ela, Amanda, Mathew, Sara, Ruth, Sarah, Laura, Augustine, Kristine, Amelia
High: Julia, Bryan, Andy, Abbey, Jack, Branden, Vitaly, Sepideh, Radoslav, Lan, Stephen, Vinay, Josh, Kaixian, Sean, Jose, Irena
Lost in the woods getting poison oak: Brian, Anton, John, Cristobal, Matthew

Please include either a mailto or a link to a web page to help us communicate with each other through this page and this larger project.

Facebook group: Commutative Algebra, MSRI Spring 2011

The song