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Implementing the Kustin-Miller complex construction


The Kustin-Miller complex construction, due to A. Kustin and M. Miller, can be applied to a tuple of resolutions of Gorenstein rings with certain properties to obtain a new Gorenstein ring and a resolution of it. It gives a tool to construct and analyze Gorenstein rings of high codimension. We describe the Kustin-Miller complex and its implementation in the Macaulay2 package


Implementation of the Kustin-Miller complex associated to two resolutions of Gorenstein ring R/I and R/J (R a polynomial ring, I,J homogeneous ideals) with I contained in J and dim(R/J) = dim(R/I)-1.

To Do List

  • Implement the differentials of the Kustin-Miller complex
  • Implement the correct grading
  • Add Tom example
  • Add Jerry example
  • Add Stellar subdivision example
  • Add cyclic polytope example
  • Use to SimplicialComplexes package for the examples
  • Add to the simplicial complexes package a class Face
  • Minimalize the Kustin-Miller complex



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Constructing new varieties

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Stellar subdivision case

J. Boehm, S. Papadakis: Stellar subdivisions and Stanley-Reisner rings of Gorenstein complexes

Cyclic polytopes case

J. Boehm, S. Papadakis: On the structure of Stanley-Reisner rings associated to cyclic polytopes

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